Enabling strategic growth sector

National and Regional Sector Goals are Aligned to Enable Long Term, sustainable economic growth

01 Vision 2036

  • Pillar 1: Sustainable Economic Development
  • High-income Country. Export-led economy. Diversified, inclusive and sustainable growth. Driven by high levels of productivity
  • Pillar 2: Sustainable environment
  • Sustainable and optimal use of our natural resources will have transformed our economy and uplifted our peoples’ livelihoods

02 NDP 11

  • Thematic Area: Economy and Employment
  • Focuses on promoting sustainable inclusive economic growth. Competitiveness through diversification, competitive human resources, and creation of sustainable jobs
  • Thematic Area: Sustainable Environment
  • Focus on building a sustainable and resilient development pathway that will keep the balance between the environment efficient economic management and the people, underpinned by good governance

03 Districts

  • Regional / Districts Economic Strategies
  • Transforming the regions / districts into a vibrant economic areas. Create employment. Improve: standard of living, household income levels, and health

SEZA focuses on the following industry sectors of strategic national importance that have high yield potential for investors.

Strategic Importance and National Challenge Addressed
Agro Business
There is high potential in food production as the country imports almost all of its food supplies. According to Statistics Botswana the 2019 import bill for food was Pula 9 Billion (about US$ 780).
Water Management
This is another sector with high potential for fruitful investment.
There is a huge potential for investment in Energy as the country has an abundance of untapped coal reserves and solar energy. The power utility, Botswana Power Corporation (BPC), is a ready buyer to supply into the national power grid. Opportunities exist to export power also exist.
Financial Services
The fledgling financial services industry offers ripe investment opportunities. The pensions sub sector, alone, runs into Billions of US Dollars.
Applied ICT
The fields of innovation, and industrialization are quite opportune to investors. Government is supportive, through, amongst others, enabling policy and provision of high speed internet through Fibre connectivity.
Medical products manufacturing is another area with huge potential for immediate return on investment. There is a huge gap in the local market and a potential for export.
There are multiple opportunities in manufacturing for the local market, as Botswana imports a lot of goods, and for export through different preferential trade agreements. The country has a solid young workforce, ready to serve the sector.

Selection Criteria for Potential Developers

  • Ready to expand in Africa
  • Companies experiencing high-growth, job creation, technology transfer, & export potential
  • Empathetic to catalytic policy transformation & revitalizing of economically depressed areas
  • Ready to empower nationals. Companies that pride themselves in engaging in social upliftment of nationals of the host nation
  • Global Industry Leaders (FDI > P200 Million, Export > 80%): These companies have an appetite to invest in both Africa & Special Economic Zones
  • Amongst the top 10% (High business Sophistication Index, Mover & Shaker, Robust networks). They are amongst the top 10% of the stock exchange they are listed on